Vote no on the marina

Skaha Lake Park is a public, specially dedicated park and was not meant to be a place to do business. Many wonderful people have donated land, time, energy and dollars so that others would have a place like this to enjoy and be refreshed from the hustle and bustle of work and life.

But city hall and certain business developers keep wanting to take it from the public for business

Instead, let's vote to love and preserve this Park. Treat it kindly, not abusively. Keep it a safe and family- friendly place, without the booze, and other unnecessary food or frills. Environmentally protected and cared for. Naturally beautiful. Unencumbered by more fixed buildings and activities that monopolize space. Not occupied by select groups. Kept open for all to enjoy without having to pay-to-enter that space.

For the sake of our public parks let's hope that next election 2022 we can have people in office that are ethical, honest, not so business and greed motivated and who will hire only the needed staff that are like-minded, and who are not forever directing parks committees to ignore or change Park Dedication Bylaws and policies that are meant to protect public parkland from disposal, via sale or long term leasing. People that remember how we fought to save Skaha Lake Park just recently again.

For now, the best we can do to save Skaha Lake Park is to vote NO this Election day, Saturday June 19, to the open-ended, unknown proposition question asked on the by-election ballot.

Hannah Hyland, Penticton

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