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We have first hand reports from aboriginals that have outlined what it was like in the residential prisons. The word SCHOOLS should never be used again to describe what these places were.

The 1950's and 60's were not the 1800's. These are current from abused children and some passed on to relatives.

Like it or not this is news. Like it or not the United Nations has called this genocide Like it or not the christian churches are to blame.

An apology from a Pope means nothing to me, and I am sure certainly less to the victims.
You mention Pope Benedict in 2009. An apology from him for the deplorable treatment of children in residential schools. That means nothing.

Standing up and saying we the Catholic church take responsibility for we have committed crimes of mental, sexual, and physical abuse to children at these schools and will cooperate with government and police forces world wide to bring these people to court to face appropriate charges.

Your comment about waiting for the answers before we judge was the most disturbing.

How long can a child take physical, sexual, and emotional abuse before they run away in the middle of winter and just freeze to death. They took their own lives because nobody would help. Of course they were killed.
Taking away ones culture, locking them away from parents and relatives is the definition of genocide.

It isn't as if we are all putting our hands up in disbelief that the Catholic Church was involved in these crimes within their own church and beyond.

Ken Warren

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