COVID transparency please

It was reported that the positive covid numbers are creeping higher with 112 persons testing positive on July 23, 2021.There was no mention in the article whether the persons were vaccinated or not. One has to wonder why this information is not being reported.

There are a couple scenarios that need consideration. If those testing positive for covid were not vaccinated one would think it would be in the public's best interest to report this information. This would support the government position on the importance of being vaccinated.

Could it be that those testing positive have been vaccinated either with a single or double dose. If this is the case it stands to reason that this information would not be reported as it is in contrast to the government position that all persons should receive two covid vaccinations.

If there is another scenario as to why those testing positive for covid are not being reported as vaccinated or not vaccinated, I would like to hear about it.

Kelly Thomas

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