'Want cake and eat it too'

Re: Poll: No EI for the unvaxed? (Castanet, Oct. 26) and Nurses face uncertain future (Castanet, Oct. 26)

Okay, so once they get the EI and use it all up where are they then?

If they refuse to get vaccinated (through their own choice, not because of medical reasons) how will they find other employment?

The mandate to get vaccinated for everyone who is able to receive the vaccine is to prevent the spread of it. No one is forced to get vaccinated. It absolutely astounds me that people are willing to go to this extreme just to “honour” their personnel choice.

As for people unwilling to vaccinate their children, that's just crazy. Isn’t it about protecting those children and preventing the spread of COVID-19?

It sounds like they want their cake and eat it too. They are very stubborn towards not getting vaccinated but want all the benefits that the vaccinated have. What would anyone learn from that?

It's like they are making a total mockery of the whole vaccine process and the need to not spread it to others. Because of the non-vaxxers, we will be wearing masks forever.

An ideal situation is to put all the patients suffering from COVID-19 and the unvaccinated medical people together in one building, that way they can receive care and the unvaccinated medical staff would have a job.

Beverly Ryder

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