RDCO off-leash dog parks

I was pleased to read that the Regional District of Central Okanagan will allow dogs to run off-leash in Kopje Regional Park and (be on-leash on trails in) Kaloya regional parks from Oct. 2021 through March 2022.

Clearly, RDCO would like this trial period to be successful, as they have increased signage and provided both dog-bag dispensers and dog-waste containers. Although dogs will not be permitted on the beaches of either park, that should not be a problem in the cooler (weather) period of this trial.

It is in the interest of all dog owners to be considerate of the RDCO's generosity by ensuring that they pick up after their dogs and dispose of the poop in the dog-waste containers.

Perhaps in the next off-season—2022-2023—one of the parks could be designated to dogs weighing 40 pounds or less, as even in play, a larger dog may unintentionally injure a smaller dog. Any wildlife inhabiting the parks will likely find safer ground elsewhere.

Now a word of caution—fur trappers are not required to post locations of their traps. Dogs may pick up the scent of whatever bait is placed in the traps (outside the parks) and be caught. Learn how to release a trap safely. The information can be found on the internet.

I thank the RDCO for giving dog owners an opportunity to hike with their companion dogs.

Helen Schiele, Kelowna

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