In defence of bike lane

Re: Brian Kettle’s letter Penticton bike path not used (Castanet, Nov. 30)

Some things to point out with regards to the assumptions being made in this letter:

1) The lake-to-lake bike lane is not complete. Expect limited uptake because it only goes from the beach on Okanagan Lake to downtown. The off-season isn't going to see many beachgoers either.

2) The whole point of the bike lane is to protect vulnerable road users, thus encouraging them to actually ride a bike, not throwing them to the cars as (the writer’s) "danger" statements would imply.

3) The reserve fund is going to be used as a loan source. The money is not going to disappear.

Yes, it would be great to have some funding for Pathways. Coverage of this issue has not been as transparent as I would like also.

And yes, plenty of people who only drive a car have similar expectations when money is spent on cycling infrastructure. But the reality is the people who will become cyclists because there is now a safe corridor for them to use still have to get up the courage to do it. Years of watching people speeding down the roads with their phones in their hands have left a bit of scarring that doesn't go away overnight.

Sure, you can have issues with council, but make sure you know all the facts and aren't getting triggered by some perceived moral slight based on wanting to keep the status quo.

Landon Bradshaw, Kelowna

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