Anti-vaxxer accountability

After years of Covid, I think the general public, even those fully on board with masks and vaccines, have become exhausted.

I count myself as one of those people. I think that everyone will eventually get Covid. What will make a difference is people who have kept up their vaccine regime, including boosters, will suffer far less severe signs and symptoms.

The problem is those who have defied vaccine administration are the ones who get severely sick, and take up hospital rooms that could be used by responsible people (vaccinated) for elective surgeries and non-Covid ICU issues.

Do those unvaccinated people not feel any sort of obligation or responsibility to the rest of society for the harm that they cause?

I understand the slippery slope of denying care to unvaccinated Covid patients, but morally and ethically, I just can't get my head around the thought that their actions, or lack thereof, are justified.

Rob Hopkins, Osoyoos

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