Covid blame misplaced

Re.: Marge McArthur's letter Vaccination plea (Castanet, Jan. 20)

In response to the open letter to anti-vaxxers

I think everyone can agree that we all have sacrificed because of the Covid pandemic. I am sorry to hear of all who have gotten sick and suffered from this disease.

The major mis understanding that I think most people are under, is that the vaccine does not give herd immunity. It does not prevent transmission. This can be verified on the World Health Organization's website, as both the WHO and (Canada's chief public health officer) Theresa Tam have verified this – the vaccinated and the unvaccinated carry (similar) viral loads, and can both transmit the disease.

As such, the vaccine is personal protection only. In other words, my vaccine will not protect you. You must have your own immunity, vaccine or natural driven. It is for this reason, that the hate on the anti-vaxxers is misplaced.

If you want to be angry – be angry at the health care system for being so mis-managed.

Jennette Vopicka

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