No second lake crossing

Re. Sam Hess letter Use of former mill site (Castanet, Jan. 21)

I totally agree with you Sam. Unfortunately our provincial government and the municipal government in Kelowna do not have enough interest in a second crossing.

Instead, a multitude of high rises and other projects in Kelowna are seemingly more important. This, in turn, creates more traffic and more congestion for Kelowna.

A case in point is the geniuses who built the new William R. Bennett bridge over Okanagan lake—two lanes coming into town and three lanes going out.

Traffic now in Kelowna, and on the bridge, is very congested at many times during a typical day and pollution from vehicle exhaust systems on the rise due to more high rises and more people.

I’m all for progress, but the poor and narrow streets in downtown Kelowna, and the main arteries elsewhere, were never built all those decades ago for the volume of traffic now seen.

Nope, sorry, we’ll never see a second lake crossing.

Duane Arthur, West Kelowna

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