Keep parks commercial-free

Re. Heather Yeats letter Bring Stalls back to City Park (Castanet, Aug. 2)

Keep commercialism out of the parks, period.

City Park should be just that, a park, a place where people can go and enjoy a bit of time with family and friends undisturbed by corporate culture.

If someone wants to buy something when they are out, there are plenty of options other than in public parks—Orchard Park Shopping Centre for instance. That has “park" right in the name. Go there and buy to your hearts desire. But keep the commercial machine out of the city's beautiful parks.

Now, if the city would completely stop renting out our parks that would be best.

The public should not have to pay to use parks at anytime when they already pay for that privilege through their taxes. Businesses can find private property to showcase their products.

Giving businesses more access to public property only enriches a few and does nothing to create a friendly stress-free environment.

Strict rules must be adopted to keep our parks commercial-free, otherwise the next thing we will see are ATMs by the washrooms—just in case you just have to buy something.

Roberto Basso

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