Rutland deserves more

What is it going to take for city council and planning to show Rutland a little respect and love?

Do we not pay taxes just like precious Kelowna?

A case in point is for more than 20 years, the residents living along Hollywood Road suffered without a proper sidewalk from Highway 33 to Hollywood Elementary School. Residents and elementary school kids were forced to walk along a gravel soft shoulder, a 15-foot wide strip of gravel between the asphalt edge and lawns.

Two years ago, the powers that be at (Kelowna) City Hall and its planning department decided to shower the area with our own tax dollars by installing a sidewalk. Lucky us. That’s all we got, sidewalk and a couple loads of gravel and weeds.

Now, if you live in (other parts of) Kelowna, pockets are bottomless. Not only do you get your old sidewalks removed because heaven knows the old sidewalks just weren’t good enough, you get, bike lanes, boulevard’s, trees, shrubs, painted lines, and even curbs.

Why the discrepancy ? Aren’t (all) our (neighbourhoods) worth the investment? Don’t our tax dollars mean anything other than to beautify Kelowna?

It’s time city council and the planning department realized Rutland is a beautiful community worthy of the same level of investment that is showered on the rest of Kelowna.

Come on city council and planning, let’s invest in Rutland.

Remember the old adage: “If you build it they will come.” Or in this case, “If you invest in Rutland, they will come.”

Ian Palmer, Kelowna

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