Ongoing water woes

I live in the West Kelowna neighbourhood of Lakeview Heights, and in this year of 2022, we have spent half the summer under a boil water notice.

It is 2022, not 1822. After I park my horse and buggy on our dirt driveway and visit our outhouse, I go to our kitchen with its wood-burning stove, boil some water to ensure our daily supply, roast a rabbit for dinner over the open hearth, burning our whale oil lamps to provide a little 19th century illumination at our plank table.

I would like to know where each of the individuals running for West Kelowna city council stands on the issue of moving our water system into the 21st century.

I am tired of listening to the incredulous laughter of our out-of-town guests as they watch us boiling our water.

Tim Simard, West Kelowna

(Editor’s note: The City of West Kelowna is currently in the final stages of a $75 million construction project that includes a new water treatment plant for the Lakeview water system. The city says it is scheduled to start operating next spring.)

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