Enforce Penticton bylaws

(Penticton) Coun. Frank Regehr talks about the challenge city council will have in the next term.

He mentioned looking at the utility rate. Remember the utility? (Council) said the city borrowed money from for the bike lanes nobody uses and now he wants to raise the rate for spending on infrastructure, arenas, the art centre and the the city fleet.

Here is a question, if you knew all these expenses were coming up, why did you not delay the bike lanes and use that money for these projects? You call yourself experienced and a money manager. Please blow that by someone else but not the educated taxpayer in Penticton

There are needs and wants, and the needs have to be taken care of first, not the wants.

If you want to do something good, put up no idle zones on Lakeshore Drive and close the firepits so we can all breathe fresh air.

Get bylaw to enforce the bylaws that are already on the books and get revenue from the offenders. People who park in handicap spaces are an example. Fine them. The people who litter and let their pets (deviate) on our beachs, fine them. Enforce the noise bylaw and stop all the noisy muffler. Fine them. Those are some thoughts to consider.

Mr Regehr, I cannot see you being re-elected on this platform as you seem to be closing the door after the horse has left the barn.

The time has come for all Penticton voters to have their say and I hope the turn out on election night is outstanding and we support the right people to lead our beautiful city in the right direction instead of spinning the bottle and go where it lands.

A change is in the wind and I truly believe the voters will get it right.

Brian Kettle

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