Concerned by Eby proposal

I am the owner of a strata and rental management company who has worked in the industry for nearly 20 years.

We have seen a lot of changes in strata law since I began my career. The government has taken great strides to improve collaboration with strata owners and the strata industry in recent years.

So, it is disappointing to hear the recent announcement that (NDP leadership candidate) David Eby’s leadership platform includes an intention to end the legacy rights of strata owners to have control over their own properties.

His proposed policy to no longer allow small strata buildings to restrict the number of permitted rentals in their buildings ignores the obvious harms it will cause to the owner-occupied strata housing segment.

Allowing speculation and absentee investors in all residential strata properties will further increase the cost of housing in these buildings. Moreover, already escalating operating costs will intensify while the pool of volunteers for strata council dwindles and absentee landlords burden volunteers or paid strata managers with the tasks of managing tenants in previous owner-occupied homes.

I am deeply concerned about this proposal, even as someone who will directly benefit from the increased business it will create for me. Our province requires an effective leader who will not cater to the loudest voices belonging to groups ignorant to the complexities of affordable housing.

We need all elected officials and candidates for leadership in the government to continue considering facts, evidence, and opinion of well-informed advisors before making policy decisions.

Greg Bickert, Kelowna

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