Fee for Penticton bike lanes?

Well, here we go raising the utility fee in Penticton.

Remember the fund the former city council raided to build the bike lanes that are never used? Remember they were just going to borrow this from that fund? For the folks who think the bike lanes are great, pay a licence fee for your right to use the bike lane.

The fee may or may not cover the cost of maintenance, snow removal repairs etc. What is wrong with a user pay system?Call it a tax or whatever, nobody rides for free.

I (predicted) this would happen in (one of my) previous letters to Castanet and it sure is going to happen.

Please, new city council, make these changes or tear out the bike lanes, as the cost of living is already driving people to the poor house. We do not need extra fees at this time.

So, please once again, do the right thing.

Brian Kettle

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