Emergencies Act not needed

Now that the inquiry into (the federal government) invoking the Emergencies Act is complete, it is pretty clear there was no need to invoke it.

I’m a fan of the CBC, but on Oct. 27, Brett Forester reported on the opinion CSIS had during the rail blockades led by Indigenous people in 2020.

CSIS found the following: “Unsophisticated acts of unlawful interference (like blockades) do not cross the terrorism threshold,” the Integrated Terrorism Assessment Centre said in a report released through access-to-information law.

“Although these disruptive actions are damaging to the economy and to rail network operations, they have not yet amounted to acts of terrorism.”

So using the flawed broad definition of the act during the 2022 “Freedom Convoy” protest, why didn’t the prime minister and his government invoke the act? Different group, different rules?

Going through the act itself, there are penalties for not complying with the act, but none for invoking it unnecessarily.

The Liberal government may think it has us all fooled but it’s just the Kool-Aid-drinking believers who think they did nothing wrong.

Too bad this will all be forgotten by the next election.

Mark Boyer, Kelowna

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