Bike lane is functional

I'm not a member of any cycling organization, but I do cycle and drive in Penticton.

There have been letters to local media complaining about the location of the bike lane, suggesting it should be on the bypass or Penticton Indian Band land.

It's about usability, folks. I have often used the “cycling track” to access goods at (local stores). The most recent addition to it takes you to the front door of Safeway, I'm shocked by the level of convenience.

I have also ridden in the opposite direction, into the downtown core, to access banking and insurance services downtown, and to go to Okanagan lake.

If we had the (bike lane) on the bypass, or PIB land, the usability would change. We could use it to access a gas station, a hot dog stand (in summer months) and a car dealership. Big whoop.

That’s not exactly accessing the essentials, or getting us out of our cars.

George Murai, Penticton

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