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Re. Evicted over privacy screen (Castanet, Jan. 23)

The eviction of the Johnsons over the use of a privacy screen on their balcony of their rental home at the Conservatory seems to be way over the top and smells a lot like corperate bullying.

I must say, from the pictures provided, it is difficult to even perceive (of the offence) as the offending screen is a neutral colour and seems to blend well with the aesthetic of the balcony overall.

From what I gather from the article, the tenants have not committed any other infractions and are trying to provide themselves some relief from a painful medical condition.

Is this the type of punitive overkill to be expected from Realstar management?

I would suggest that readers contact Realstar and leave a brief email voicing your disapproval as I have already done.

Kevin Lewis.

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