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Re. Hospitalized for life? (Castanet, Jan. 24)

I feel so sorry for the Hipkin family. They have tried their best for their son but the system has let them down repeatedly.

It is amazing (B.C. Supreme Court) Judge David Ruse needs more time to think on this (sentencing). Hipkin’s family says he is a danger to others, two psychiatric reports say he is a high risk for future violence and even Dylan admits it.

The three Central Okanagan MLAs should be advocating for his parents to have (Dylan’s) wish carried out and live out his days in an institution.

Dylan is type of person Premier David Eby was talking about when he suggested mandatory confinement, yet where is he and his ministers now? I would hazard a guess that the reason Eby backed away from his earlier statements (about mandatory confinement) is because there is no plan or facility available for long-term residency.

It’s so sad the medical and justice systems are so tone deaf on this issue, especially today being Bell Let's Talk mental health day.

M. Boyer, Kelowna

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