Stereotyping the poor

Re. Lloyd Vinish’s letter Limit government effort (Castanet, March 24)

Boy, Lloyd Vinish sure has all poorer people classified—we're all drug users, over spenders and deserve to be poor. Yep, that's all the hard-working, lower class people in a nutshell. We are lazy and the government helps us out too much. We deserve to live on the street, all of us, because we can't afford a home. It doesn't matter if we have two jobs or not, it’s still our fault.

It's probably easier for him to sleep at night putting us all in the same category whereas, the few people like him, who worked hard for what they have but still enjoy a luscious life, are the victims.

There are a lot of people out there who have trouble making ends meet. They don't squander their money but have a hard time saving because the cost of living is extremely high. Despite working hard to feed their family, they still struggle and don't go around buying things they can't afford. And, they don't do drugs.

People like this writer set my teeth on edge. However, I don't want to sink to his level. We should all be extremely grateful for what we have and—especially those like him who are obviously more fortunate—quit complaining and maybe offer their services to those less fortunate.

I'm not talk about a free handout. I'm talking about volunteering, etc. Then they would have less time to complain.

We never know what tomorrow brings. Live each day to the fullest, try to make another person happy each day and perhaps you'll be too busy, enriched and wiser to complain.

Beverly Ryder

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