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Re. Canada's important to U.S. (Castanet, March 26)

The article about (U.S. President Joe) Biden’s visit and the importance of Canada to the U.S. really outlines the assets we, in Canada, have —namely the critical minerals contained within our country’s land.

We have already let China buy into this wealth and it, of course, is mining and taking (exporting) the resulting mined minerals.

The U.S. really wants in on these assets and we, the Canadian people, have to hope our leadership understands the true value of these assets to Canada.

Please (Prime Minister Justin) Trudeau, get a business plan in place and if you don’t know how to do that, then get someone to help you understand it and get it done.

Please don’t mess this up like you have with Canada’s oil and gas industry, where you are doing so little to help that industry grow despite its value to—and need by—the world and as an income generator to Canada.

Don’t give away the value of the critical minerals that will be in great demand in the near future and ensure the value comes to Canada and not the U.S. or China.

Malcolm Roberts, Kelowna

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