Bike lane on Eastside Road?

I'm going to throw a spanner in the works here.

When are we going to see a bike lane on (Penticton’s) Eastside Road?

I was an avid “roadie,” (road bicycle rider) until I had an unfortunate rock climbing accident five years ago. One of the results was not being able to look over my left shoulder, so no more road riding.

When I used to road ride, I went to Penticton once on Eastside Road from Okanagan Falls. Never again. I didn’t enjoy having cars come up behind me and overtake me on dangerous corners.

I hit the dirt—if I could do it safely—to let them go. I didn't want to be that biker that was in the way. Even though I tried so hard to (ride) snuggly to the side of the road (without wiping out on gravel on those narrow tires), I still had drivers come up behind me, blast their vehicle’s horns and give me the finger.

Now, as a driver, I am so frustrated with the groups of cyclists who insist on hanging out in the whole lane, forcing a vehicle to stay behind until they are ready to let you go by, or a long train of cyclists that is too long to pass safely.

Many times when I approach Okanagan Falls, where the road is narrow and winding, on a blind corner a car or truck is half in my lane because it is overtaking a bunch of cyclists.

People are always speeding on Eastside Road. Of course it's a fun road to drive, for (vehicles and) motor bikes too. Many deer are killed. Are we going to wait until people are (killed) too?

I know it would be a lot more expensive than the bike lane through Penticton, but don't you think (a bike lane on) Eastside Road would be more beneficial? It truly is a gorgeous road and (a bike lane) would be nice to use without stress.

Fiona Coupland

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