No longer a proud Canadian

Re. Poll: Passport redesign (Castanet, May 18)

My last look at the (most recent Castanet) poll showed roughly 80% of respondents said “no”.

In my whole life I wouldn’t have ever guessed a Canadian government would be totally tone deaf to Canadians’ love of their history, including Terry Fox, the Vimy Memorial and all the other symbols that made us feel proud to be a Canadian.

I used to wear a tiny maple leaf pin on my lapel, especially when I was outside of Canada. I threw the pin in a drawer in 2017.

What is there to be proud of anymore? Highest inflation in 40 years? Skyrocketing deficits and more $1 trillion in debt? A non-functioning armed forces? A dysfunctional RCMP? The tearing down of historical statues? The rejigging of National Park plaques? The renaming of streets? Homelessness in every place? The lack of doctors? The mental health and drug problems? The fact many Canadians are become afraid to even go for a walk or ride a bus?

Eliminating our national heros to replace them with childish drawings does what to make us proud?

Robert Hepting, Kelowna

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