Proud to be a Canadian

Re. Robert Hepting's letter No longer a proud Canadian (Castanet, May 19)

Does Canada have problems? Certainly. But not nearly as many as countries dealing with (bigger) issues than we are dealing with—inflation, petroleum shortages, rising housing costs, climate change, and consequent food shortages.

Canada is known for its beautiful scenery and quality of life and it is ranked (one of) the best countries in the world in which to live. Canada’s strong labour market recovery has been the best it has been in decades, with 830,000 jobs created since (before the) pandemic. The national unemployment rate (in April), at 5%, is nearing the record low of 4.9%.

Canadians are ranked as (some of) the highest educated people in the world and our education institutions are ranked 4th in the world. We are also noted for our gender equality and race relations, amongst many other qualities.

Canada is the most desired country for immigrants and that alone should indicate our standing on the world stage.

We are indeed, facing the same global issues as others and the pandemic certainly required a significant expenditure and deficit in order to help our less-fortunate fellow (Canadians). I applaud the Liberal government in their actions and expenditures to protect small businesses and needy peoples.

In 2023, Canada has the lowest debt-to-GDP at 14% amongst the G7, so the support the Liberals have given to the economy is easily financed without the fear-mongering suggestions that we, or our dependents, will not be able to survive. That is utter nonsense.

I find it deplorable a Canadian states the he is ashamed to be a citizen of this great country. I wonder if he has ever served his country in an official capacity? I hope not.

I, for one, am proud and grateful to be Canadian.

Patrick MacDonald

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