Make developers pay

Re. West Kelowna council agree to proceed with emergency exit from Casa Loma (Castanet, May 11)

I think its pretty clear developers and those area property owners wanting to subdivide or otherwise rezone in the Campbell Road-Casa Loma area—who, are after all, in it for the money—be charged development fees sufficient to pay for the new egress road.

Until the proposed 650 condo “scare" of about six years ago, there was no mention of the need for any such road.

The interested parties, who are trying to essentially double the (number of) residents and traffic in that area, stand to profit from this and should be getting out their wallets to pay for this (road).

It's not up to West Kelowna taxpayers to pay for better access and egress to this area so these groups can make millions of dollars in profits from the hundred or more new dwellings.

I hope West Kelowna city council clearly understands what is going on here.

Alan Sanderson

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