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Re. The approved 60-townhouse application on Campbell Road (in West Kelowna)

Do you think 60 townhomes can be constructed on (the proposed) site?

Will the City of West Kelowna approve a sixty boat slip marina? How many of the strata owners will want to own, or moor, a boat at the marina? If only 25% of the slips are used by the owners, how do you propose to deal with their request to sublease their slips?

Will the City of West Kelowna be obligated to find off-site parking for those seeking to rent the vacant 45 slips?

The first row of townhouses will have a great view and, in all likelihood, will be purchased by retired, empty-nesters from large metropolitan cities. The second row of townhomes could be great places to live if any local residents can afford them. The proposed third row will be a ghetto, as the homes will be shoehorned against a high (possibly 150-foot high) retaining wall.

Do you feel confident the Sol Aqua strata council is capable of managing (the proposed) vineyard?

I can't imagine how embarrassed all residents will be with the total defacement of the Lakeview escarpment. The escarpment above Blackmun's Orchard is view most people admire as they cross the William R. Bennett Bridge and enter the City of West Kelowna.

For how many years do you think this project will impact traffic Casa Loma residents? Could it be three, five or 10 years? I can't imagine how we (in Casa Loma) will deal with commuting, emergency services and daily life with the inconveniences that will be foisted upon us by city council. This development is right on top of Campbell Road.

I feel the City of West Kelowna has been led down the garden path by a decade of absurd proposals

You don't know what you have until it's gone. Do you honestly believe this development solves the housing problem or makes West Kelowna a better place for future generations?

Scott Rowland, West Kelowna

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