Doesn't like picture of beers

Re. City outlines plans to allow alcohol consumption in some Kelowna parks this summer (Castanet, May 31)

I would like to criticize Castanet for putting a photo of seven “growlers” of beer, with the beach in the background.

This is not what is proposed. First, no glass is to be allowed and second, public intoxication with overconsumption will not be tolerated.

The KLO Neighbourhood Association has two of the three parks set for this trial within our boundaries—Kinsmen Park and Boyce-Gyro Beach Park. As a (neighbourhood association) board, we have considered all facets of this trial, with the most prominent being waste. We often see overflowing garbage bins at Boyce-Gyro Beach Park already.

Why does the language in this proposal describe all waste as “trash?” There is recyclable, compostable and general waste. Other cities like Vancouver lead by example with prominent recycling. Large capacity bins could be used with separate compostable and returnable bins.

In general, we agree with the criteria used for this pilot project and look forward to seeing this change. Our membership poll gave it 88% support and 12% were opposed. (Those) opposed cited this change as creating a park environment for parties rather than families. There are concerns for vandalism too.

Paul Clark

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