Trudeau ignoring MPs

Yves-Fracois Blanchet, the leader of the Bloc Quebecois, was quoted earlier this week as saying in French: "What I cannot accept is that the biggest threat to democracy right now is becoming (Prime Minister) Justin Trudeau rather than China. His attitude, his pretentiousness, his arrogance, his lack of consideration for voters of the majority of the House of Commons has reached a level that even his father never attained."

These are pretty rich words coming from the leader of a political party that is dedicated to breaking Canada apart.

The House of Commons voted on Wednesday, 174 to 150, to call on the government to replace (special rapporteur) David Johnston and urgently establish a public inquiry to look into multiple reports that the Chinese Communist Party meddled in the last two Canadian federal elections.

This is the second such vote in as many weeks. But, as usual, Trudeau is ignoring the will of the elected representatives in the House of Commons, pretty arrogant for a prime minister with a minority government.

On a related note, a Leger poll for the National Post indicates only 27% of Canadians believe Johnston is credible and impartial on foreign interference in Canadian elections.

So, not only is Trudeau ignoring the House of Commons, he is ignoring 73% of Canadians. I'm not sure which is worse.

Democracy appears to be slipping away in Canada.

Lloyd Vinish, Kelowna

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