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Re. Rebecca Thiessen's letter Defends Tory leader (Castanet, June 1)

I read Rebecca Thiessen's letter and wholly agree with her.

Unfortunately, a great many "bleeding hearts" don't want to hear the truth, let alone face reality. They actually stand back in awe and wonder, "How could this be?" when they encourage, promote and defend things like the Young Offends Act and “safe" drug use (Is there such a thing?).

I strongly encourage everyone to watch a documentary by Aaron Gunn titled "Canada is Dying" and they will see, very clearly just what all our pandering, coddling and no consequences for people’s actions have gotten us.

It is really bad, really scary and only getting worse. The trouble is those with the power and authority, the ones who know better than the average guy, want us to believe they are doing the right thing on many levels.

Check it out, you might end-up wanting to hide under the covers.

John B. Collinson, Kelowna

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