PM's 'anti-gun' campaign

It is interesting that (Prime Minister Justin) Trudeau picked a day in June as the National Day Against Gun Violence that coincided with the Canadian Coalition for Firearms Rights annual National Range Day.

Trudeau blames (the former Stephen) Harper (Conservative) government for rising gun violence.

In reality, nobody has done more to increase gun-related crimes than Trudeau.

He has wasted incredible resources chasing and harassing duck-hunters and target shooters instead of taking guns away from criminals who are committing all those crimes.

The police know where, when and how all these firearms are crossing the border into Canada, but Trudeau is not directing them to do anything about it. He is busy calculating a very aggressive anti-gun campaign will get him the city vote in another election, and he needs that criminal activity to justify his ridiculous anti-gun campaign.

Bill C-21 is now in the Senate, where it will be considered, debated and decided. Sixty of those senators were appointed by Trudeau.

It’s also important to keep in mind Trudeau wanting our guns has very little to do with public safety.

Andy Thomsen

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