'Tyranny of the minority'

It was a picture postcard Okanagan morning Tuesday while out for my morning walk at West Kelowna’s Gellatly Bay.

Adding to that picturesque moment was a beautiful green sail boat anchored overnight, as it has been for the past 25 years at this time of year.

However that scene was marred by two bylaw officers yelling at boats owners that someone complained from one of the (overlooking) hillside homes and they had to leave. (Just because) one person complained?

Eleven people complained about books in Florida and more than 500 books were pulled from libraries. Librarians were threatened with jail. One person in particular complained about a book about (U.S. civil rights icon) Rosa Parks, saying it made her feel uncomfortable. And it was pulled.

During (the recent) worldwide pandemic, a minority (in Canada) terrorized schools and hospitals, school children and health practitioners, and even went so far as to assault people over their misguided belief their views superseded the majority. This tyranny of the minority continues with the ongoing court case in Kelowna involving (COVID-19 measures protester) David Lindsay and his courtroom antics.

Enough is enough.

Is it now illegal to stay overnight in your rented houseboat on Lake Okanagan?

George Philp

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