Not a microsuite fan

Re. Microsuites dominate build (Castanet, Sept. 23)

The Sutherland Avenue apartment complex (in Kelowna (looks) very nice—240 units, an indoor lounge, a gym, a workspace, an outdoor courtyard, rooftop amenities and even private balconies. That's not all, There will be an outdoor dog run and community gardens. What more could you ask for?

It is a good move to blindside buyers first, promoting all these wonderful amenities and hopefully, they won't realize that the size of these beautiful microsuites isn't even as big as my living room.

There was no mention of the size of the bachelor suites or the one- and two-bedroom units. Are these units for sale or rent? Regardless of whether you buy or rent, I am sure the price won't reflect on the size.

At 300-square-feet, lots of room? Kitchen, bedroom, bathroom, sitting room and laundry room. Maybe there will be room for a bathtub in the living room. When family or friends come over for a visit, you might want to have oxygen masks handy.

I am assuming the hot water and heat are included in the price. That would certainly need to be regulated closely. No one likes to run out of hot water while showering and getting ready for work in the morning.

How many elevators will there be in this building? Washing windows six stories up is not an easy feat. Will that service be provided?

(And then there is) parking. The biggest concern for everyone. Will 240 parking spaces be provided or will you need to scramble around trying to find a place to park your car on the road? Sutherland Avenue. is not very big. Will charging stations also be provided for owners of electric cars?

If you do get a parking space, is there an extra charge.? I have heard this happens and it is quite a money grab.

When city council met with the developer, I certainly hope it considered all the shortcomings of promoting this type of housing and did not grant a permit, or is this just a formality and it has already been approved?

Jeri Truman

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