Short-term rentals issues

I could be mistaken but if I remember correctly, the first and main issue with short-term rentals was the fact they were being used as party houses until the (short-term rental booking) companies stepped up and put restrictions on them.

I seem to recall many letters and complaints about loud parties and too many vehicles parked in neighbourhoods.

Yes, short term rentals are a great way for families to holiday together at a reasonable cost. However, it was the guys’ and gals’ getaway parties that shone the spotlight on short-term rentals (originally).

As far as short-term rentals taking houses off the rental or real-estate market, you only have the government to blame for that.

I'm not a landlord but there are enough horror stories out there about bad tenants who ruin rental properties. There needs to be a change to the act so bad renters can be removed from a rental property before landlords go broke from unpaid rent and damage.

M. Boyer, Kelowna

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