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I have been a renter in various locations, including Saskatoon, the Fraser Valley, back to Saskatoon (work related locations) and now in Kelowna (retirement} for eight years.

My rentals were a duplex, townhouses, condos, houses and suites. Each one had two or three bedrooms. Each rental home was easy to find and had terrific landlords who (charged) affordable rent. Most included all appliances. I currently live in a one-bedroom suite.

All were less than $900 a month to rent, with the exception of the second condo in Saskatoon, which was a two-bedroom, two-bathroom unit. The rent was raised every year by $50 a month. Before retiring, my rent was $1,350 a month. Saskatchewan had rent controls. I have respected every home I lived in and many years lived with two children and cats.

Landlords should include applications, interviews, more than one verifiable reference—including from a prior landlord—and a written signed agreement.

I believe there are currently numerous good existing renters and I believe short-term rentals have contributed to the housing issues and lack of long-term affordable homes. The current high rent prices for one- and two-bedroom long-term rentals are unaffordable for so many.

The new builds by companies should be required to provide rental costs publicly prior to receiving any funding from municipalities or governments to ensure there will be low-cost housing available for those in need.

The pandemic caused many issues, including this one, and has affected all of our lives. Patience and kindness are needed to get back on track.

Mary Lou Siemens, Kelowna

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