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As I drive from Edwards Road at the north end of Kelowna to Abbott Street at the south end, quite often there are a few things that bug me.

Why do we have a high occupancy vehicle (HOV) lane? The traffic is heavy enough all the time that the lane should be open to all traffic. It is used a lot and by single occupant vehicles. I have never seen anyone pulled over by the police. I also think it is on the wrong side of the road. All HOV lanes I have been on (elsewhere) are on the left and are on highways with no traffic lights. Having the lane on the right only slows things down with drivers making right hand turns at intersections or into business parking lots.

Why are there intersections with left-turn lanes but no left-turn lights? That makes no sense to me. A traffic light was installed there so why not add one more for left turns? I think this would also make the intersections safer.

Why are the traffic lights not timed with the pedestrian crossings? When the pedestrian hand timer gets to zero, the light should change. We would have to make the time longer but that should not be a problem. It is this way in Quebec City, and there is no guessing for pedestrians or drivers. The way it is right now, there is no telling when a light is going to change in relation to the pedestrian hand signal.

Little changes like thees might make intersections a little safer.

Brian Godfroid

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