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While I recognize long-term housing is a real and difficult problem to resolve, I agree banning short-term housing rentals will have a negative impact on tourism.

As a travelling cyclist, many others like me have welcomed the opportunity to visit and explore other communities with our bicycles and enjoy the many trails, roads, amenities and businesses they have to offer.

As we regularly travel in groups, short-term house rentals enable us to do this in ways typical hotels do not.

Aside from being more affordable, they provide us with convenient places to maintain easy and secure access to our bikes, facilities that allow us to share evening activities in the continuous company of family and friends and the opportunity to prepare meals that better address some of our health needs.

The Okanagan, like so many places in B.C., benefit from these forms of tourism and the availability of short-term house rentals further enables people to explore and share the various areas of our province in ways hotels don’t readily provide. Each type of accommodation serves a purpose, there’s no one type that fits all.

Like the golfers mentioned, if people are prevented from having this option within B.C., they will be encouraged to do this outside of the province unfortunately.

From my perspective, affordable housing begins with building houses that are a reasonable size instead of the huge houses I see going up everywhere. It seems smaller houses aren’t being built anymore, just apartments and townhouses, but that’s another subject.

Kent Stralbiski

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