No blanket immigration ban

Re. Guy Bissonnette's letter Immigration Opposition (Castanet, Feb. 28)

Not all immigrants are poor and uneducated. Some, in fact, might be the doctors you are looking for.

At my clinic, almost all doctors are from South Africa. So (they are) immigrants. Good thing we let them in, right?Not all immigrants are "less fortunate" either.

I don't want to bring race or colour into the discussion, but I really wonder what people are picturing when they hear the word "immigrant", and what they assume about the folks coming in, especially if they are a different colour. It brings to mind the difference in tone when discussing refugees from Ukraine vs. refugees from somewhere like Syria.

I agree with the doctor shortage being a serious concern, but I'm not sure putting a blanket ban on immigration is the answer.

Perhaps we should make it easier for immigrants qualifications to be transferable to Canadian institutions.

Sara Bennett

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