Vaccine aversion

A current poll says 17% of parents don't want their kids vaccinated and they think it should be up to them to decide and not the government.

I do not have kids but if I had any, I would want to protect them as much as possible, which includes getting vaccinated for many dangerous and potentially deadly diseases, like mumps, measels, chicken pox, tuberculosis, the flu and COVID-19.

As a kid I had all these shots, except for COVID-19, as it didn't exist then. I am fine and have been very healthy my whole life. I am currently 64-years-old.

I believe in science and medical treatments that help keep me safe, and that includes vaccines. I have had six COVID-19 shots and numerous flu shots and after getting shingles last year, I got one shot for it and will get the second one I need to complete the treatment.

As for governments forcing children to get vaccinated, they should, as any severe outbreak of diseases amongst children can be very dangerous. It's part of our government's job to protect us as citizens.

Also, when I was a kid it was mandatory to be vaccinated or you didn't go to school. Most parents are responsible and intelligent and realize vaccines are there to protect their children. Those who don't like them because they believe conspiracy theories need to consult real doctors and ignore politicians and nuts who don't know anything about medicine.

Kids need their parents to be their role models because they don't have the knowledge to protect themselves.

A Mullins

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