Wants taller buildings

Most of the new proposed apartment and condo buildings in Kelowna are only six floors (high).

Why? Assuming bylaws and zoning, why not eight or 10 floors, or more? I doubt it’s due to airplanes. It should be changed, especially in this day and age with a housing crisis.

Also, if people are somewhat content in tents nd campers, why doesn't the city approve campsite areas within the city? There are several RV parks in West Kelowna in the Grizzly Road area (on Westbank First Nation land) that are nice. So can be done.

The tiny house sites (in Kelowna) are a start but not your nice tiny homes that you see on HGTV.

The City of Kelowna doesn't do enough. I don't think it puts in the effort.

Also, enough with the whining about new shot-term rentals rules. Why should it effect tourists? There are these things called hotels.

I wonder what the hotel industry thinks of her new rules. I would think it is in favour. How did city and tourism ever survive before short-term rentals?

Doug Lyle

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