Wants to see everyone sued

Re. Child dies in foster care (Castanet, March 1)

This event was so preventable and disappointing.

The Children and Families minister should be extremely disappointed in her staff and the local government should be included on (any) future lawsuit for failing to ensure every body of water on private property has a fence around it with a locked gate.

Its fence bylaw says: "swimming pool" means an artificial structure that is capable of being filled with water to a depth of 46 cm or more and is located outdoors for the purpose of being used for swimming, bathing or wading a person that owns or controls a swimming pool must enclose it in a fence that completely surrounds the swimming pool (and maintain it) and is constructed of any material and design that can reasonably be expected to prevent children from gaining access to the swimming pool.”

(I say) sue the city building inspector, sue the ministry, sue the foster parent(s). It is the only way to ensure this never happens to anyone again.

If the wording in the bylaw needs to be changed to include bodies of water that aren't made for swimming, then that is a change that should be addressed and maybe the City of Kelowna should have a look at (it’s bylaw) too, so nothing similar happens here.

I know we have ponds, swamps and rivers around here, especially in the Mission (area). Is there sufficient signage to remind parents children aren't to be trusted around water?

People aren't getting any smarter. We don't want an incident to happen and some thoughtless parent to say they didn't even think that this could happen to them.

Will a sign help? I am not sure. We can't fence off (Okanagan)lake but we can remind people how fragile life is.

On (a related) note, can everyone tone down the speeding a little bit, especially in areas where kids and pets frequent? It is getting a little out of hand.

It only takes a moment of mindlessness for a child, or even an adult for that matter, to walk into the path of a vehicle. Something like that is not likely on Harvey Avenue (Highway 97) but in a residential area you should never drive faster than you can react and stop. That is common sense, which is less common and more like a super power now.

Troy Gangl

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