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In today's world of technology, screen time, social media, apps and being engulfed in the "blue wave" zone, more and more people are feeling anxious, lonely, and exhausted.

These days adults are busy trying to keep up with schedules, deadlines and commitments. Parents are spending longer hours trying to earn the "daily bread" with kids after school being supervised in daycare before they are able to go home when parents are just returning from work.

More and more kids are being diagnosed with attention deficit syndrome. Bullying and abuse are on the upswing and mental issues are plaguing people more than ever. Anxiety in kids has reached an all-time high with kids scared to go to school because they feel lost and don't feel it is worth it. They feel inadequate, afraid, overwhelmed and have lost their individuality and spirit to learn and excel.

Meditation, acupuncture and massage therapists are booked solid with wait times for appointments months away. People are desperately seeking relief. People's lives seem to be in a vortex spinning wheel, on the verge of being out of control. Magazine stands are inundated with articles about coping with stress and stress management and the art of decluttering.

The COVID-19 pandemic hit hard and the aftermath effects are now becoming more and more apparent. Kids' learning abilities in general have suffered huge setbacks. The application of cognitive skills has gone drastically down hill and the ability to focus, pay attention and apply logic and knowledge are at an all time low. Kids are unable to follow principles in structure and discipline because they are plagued with anxiety. Parents, themselves in a spin, are worried because they know something is wrong but they do not know how to fix the problem.

The warning signals are everywhere and the red flags are up in full alarm. It is time to cut back and create order out of the chaos. Families need to take the time to reconnect and create quality time of communicating face to face in person and not over the screen.

How many times do you see people in a family all on their phones, at a bus stop, waiting in line and not making the effort to talk out loud to the other family member across from them? Phones need to be shut off and put away at meal time. Families need to get into the routine habit of sitting down at the dinner table together to eat, express thankfulness for the day and talk to each other.

Families need to buy into this process of connecting and making a genuine effort to collectively downsize the day's demands and materialistic clutter with “stuff". Having more does not make people happier. Take a drive in your neighbourhood to observe the clutter of cars, boats and RVs that litter the landscape and roadsides. The city could create a cash cow for every car parked on the road. There was a time when communities did not allow RVs and boats to be parked on people's properties. There was a fine.

Schedules need to be reworked to accommodate family time during the course of the week. Designated family time needs to be honoured, prioritized and not missed.

People also need to learn how to make do with less. The time has come to make drastic changes and get on the bandwagon in becoming a minimalist. Make do with less and focus on what really matters in one's life.

The world has entered a dark time. Grim global affairs, a threat of a third World War and bad news overflow our media networks. Action needs to be taken to create a time of change.

The time has come to do the necessary in cleaning up our lifestyle. The family core is at the centre of creating change. It starts in the home environment by creating a warm, loving, pleasant and happy atmosphere where families collectively, as well as each individual member, can nurture traditional values and norms and return to a state of normalcy and escape, experience and enjoy an age of rebirth and enlightenment.

Claudia Kargl, West Kelowna

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