Road tax levy for EV owners

In the spirt of equality for all, there has come a time for all vehicle owners to be equal when it comes to contributing to road taxes.

Currently, no fully electric vehicles pay to maintain the provinces road network (through tax on gasoline) and hybrids pay a small amount because they do use some gas.

In some ways, this reminds me of when people were converting their vehicles over to propane due to the low price of the fuel and there were fewer road-related taxes on it. You don’t hear of many people driving that type of (fuelled) vehicle anymore.

I feel there needs to be a structured approach to equalize this for everyone.

First, EV owners need to pay a yearly fee for the up keep of the road network. High mileage EVs, like cabs, ride hailing and couriers, need to pay on verified mileage, everyone else should pay a flat fee.

Second, hybrids need to pay a fee, again based on usage,because hybrids do use some gas, so their fee should be lower.

I am sure the (B.C.) NDP (government) would never do this as it goes against its “green” agenda, and no environmentalist would suggest this.

What the Alberta government is introducing and what I am suggesting is the correct path, it puts everyone on the same level. No one should be able to use the road network for free.

Tom Carney

(Editor’s note: Gasoline taxes are not the only source of taxation revenue that pay for a roads. In municipalities, residential property taxes also help fund road construction and maintenance.)

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