It's tough for seniors now

Re. Beverly Ryder’s letter Seniors have it pretty good (Castanet, March 29)

Seniors have it pretty good? Are you kidding me ?

Beverly Ryder is partly correct, yes we seniors are fortunate for what we have that a lot of the next generations won’t get. There were a few things she wrote that were 100% accurate.

“We grew up when there was a strong middle class. Now that doesn't exist. We are more like a Third World country every day now, where there are only the rich and the poor.”

I really don’t know where our society went wrong, where working for a living actually gave you a pretty good life, where values were just so much better, where respect for our neighbours and our seniors was normal. But. as a senior myself, my fixed income is certainly under pressure from increases in costs.

I have to eat. I have to pay condo fees. I have to pay insurance (home and car). I have to pay prescription costs. Maybe I could do without a phone and internet but I still have to pay for utilities. Perhaps I could do without my car and just sit at home every day, but I really enjoy getting out, so I have to pay the over-taxed price of gas.

I see what workers are getting these days. The average income in Canada is now estimated at $55,000 to $60,000. Pay increases appear to be getting bigger every year (B.C. Ferries employees just got 7.75% increase) and, of course, the increased costs for the employers are simply passed on to the consumers, as is the cost of transportation affected by the carbon tax on fuel.

As a senior, I wish received Canada’s average income. I wish I belonged to a group where we could get increases in pay like those being seen across industries.

So yes, Beverly, we seniors are fortunate and we do have a lot to be thankful fo. But having it pretty good, sadly those days appear to be over, as our politicians— both federal and provincial—are overlooking us and we hear about more and more seniors forced to use foodbanks and ending up homeless.

Malcolm Roberts, Kelowna

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