'Rain tax' is a money grab

Re. Bigger roof? larger fees (Castanet,March 28)

When Jim Hager says "we can do better,” what he really means is (Kelowna) can do a better “job exploiting” its residents to raise more revenue.

I have looked at the two alternatives for the treatment of stormwater management funding and it is obvious the whole thing is a done deal.

As usual, the city will host open houses, at which a city official will smile politely at input from residents, whilst eventually deciding to ignore all of it.

Taking a leaf out of the City of Toronto's “socialist” playbook is not a step forward, it is a step backward. As self-appointed guardians of our water supply, the city is perfectly positioned to abuse its status as a monopoly supplier of our most precious resource.

Clearly the target is to increase revenue, and I have no doubt the city will choose whichever option gives them the largest increase. The only question is, which section of the community will be hit hardest?

Peter Emery, Kelowna

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