What happening to world?

What has happened to humanity?

There is so much hate and division in this world and I hope it’s noted in history, so hopefully the next leaders will look back at our history and change for the better.

We have this terrible war happening in Gaza where innocent civilians, journalists and recently (on April 1), five aid workers were killed.

It breaks my heart seeing this happen. You would think humanity learned from the Holocaust and other genocides that have happened over hundreds of years. But no, we just keep up this endless slaughter.

The U.N. acts like an glorified supervisor and allows nations to veto important issues like a ceasefire in the Gaza Strip.

This needs to be noted in history as a failing of humanity. The government of Israel needs to step up and do better. It talks about not wanting another holocaust but there is hypocrisy in that statement.

How many more innocent people need to be slaughtered before humanity wakes up and sees what we are doing to this planet and our people.

I wish there was more I could do, like slap some of these world leaders upside the head and tell them to open their eyes and see the world.

J.M. Serhan

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