Lack of decals a problem

Re. Fried chicken leads to crash (Castanet, April 10)

I read recently on Castanet that a person reached for fried chicken and crashed his vehicle.

He received a big fine for expired insurance and cried "fowl.”

I got thinking the (lack of licence plate) decals, that (ICBC) did away with, is causing many driver's to not insure their vehicles. I asked many people when their insurance expired with only one correct answer.

I know there is a reminder mailed out . Was it to save money by removing the decals? A cash grab for no insurance?

The proper way is to make the renewal on your birthday. If you don't remember your birthday, then we are in trouble .

No insurance means big money coming out of your (bank account) should an injury occur.

Gary West, Penticton

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