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Re. Kody Cire’s letter Fears landlord abuse (Castanet, April 10)

Kody Cire reads a letter by a frustrated landlord (Frank Martens) and the takeaway is that the landlord is acting in bad faith when he attempts to protect his property by accessing the only means available to him to rid himself of a bad tenant because of the current state of the almost non-functioning RTB?

From Martens letter: "It took us six months to get rid of a tenant who was deemed by the Residential Tenancy Branch as unfit for the tenancy. The tenant in question damaged the rental unit, didn’t look after the yard, brought in a dog when the initial agreement stated, ‘no pets,’ and harassed the landlord".

The tenant was deemed "unfit for tenancy" by the RTB, yet Cire can only see the measures the owner of the property was forced to take in order to protect his investment.

When a tenant is deemed unfit for tenancy, they should be unceremoniously removed from the property immediately. It shouldn't take months to facilitate that.

Until you have suffered through the RTB process and stood by as your property was damaged and rent unpaid, you can't truly understand the helpless feeling being at the mercy of a broken system, and people who don't care about you or your property.

Peter Haslock, West Kelowna

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