Kamloops council criticized

Re. Mayor in more hot water (Castanet, April 11)

Kamloops mayor and city council are becoming the laughing stock of Kamloops and B.C. It’s like watching toddlers fight in the sandbox over toys.

Enough is enough. We have veteran councillors who should be showing the still newish mayor the ropes. But instead, we have to see and read the constant debate, lies and corruption at the helm of our city.

I’m sorry but could they all put their personal garbage aside and represent Kamloops properly? We have pot holes the size of small children, drug addicts everywhere, an all-time high crime rate and all we read about is the preverbal (squabbling) match between mayor and council.

If they cannot see a way to solve their internal issues, maybe it’s time to call an election because, so far, none of elected officials are doing a good job.

Carrie Hubert

(Editor’s note: In B.C. municipal general elections are held every four years on the third Saturday in October. Municipal councils cannot call general local elections mid-term and the province’s recall rules do not apply to municipal politicians. The next municipal elections in B.C. will be held Oct. 17, 2026.)

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