Wants more 'candy stripers'

Our health care needs the old school help we used to have.

When I was young, I remember “candy stripers” at the hospital.They could help people get water, towels or anything else a (patient) would need that nurses don’t have time to do.

I think with a program in schools, candy stripers hours could go towards graduation credits and a start on a career.

That would not take jobs away from nurses but help them and patients, and help ease (pressures on) the health care system .

I would like to hear why and when the candy stripper system stopped.

We have all been in a hospital and seen how busy and over worked nurses are.

I have felt bad at times for these busy people (working in hospitals) helping everyone.

M Wight, Kelowna

(Editor’s note: Interior Health says it does offer many volunteer opportunities, including those for youth. It says youths who volunteer may earn credits towards their high school graduation diploma.)

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