Fine with carbon dioxide

I find it very interesting how carbon (CO2) is becoming evil in the minds of some politicians.

Recently, according to an article on Castanet, Housing Minister Ravi Kahlon said in a statement changes (to allow height for wood structures to 18 storeys from 14 storeys) will help reduce carbon pollution.

I will likely surprise Kahlon, and probably all others who think in the same, that carbon (dioxide) is not a pollutant. Atmospheric CO2 is the primary carbon source for life on Earth. Without it, life on earth would cease to exist. Did they not take elementary chemistry in high school?

Not that many years ago, there were protests against cutting down trees (remember “tree huggers”) and hence the change to plastic bags for our groceries. Now there’s a complete reversal—cut down trees, which by the way for those not familiar with reality, help reduce unwanted carbon in the atmosphere.

It’s mother natures way of trying to balance our fragile atmosphere.

Which is better? Too much CO2 or none?

Robert Hepting, Kelowna

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